There is a group of young retailers and entrepreneurs who have turned the traditional retail shopping model on its head. It’s shopping – done Adelaide style. Rather than setting up large retail stores in the CBD, or purchasing franchises within big global brands, they’ve taken the ‘flea market’ model and applied it to the traditional retail space. With the help of local advocacy group, Renew Adelaide, creative South Australians are working with real estate agents to take up short term leases in unused commercial buildings, turning them into pop-up shops, art galleries, furniture stores and vintage clothing outlets, for very limited times. Spaces that were once office blocks or insolvent cafes are turned into make-shift vintage record shops, cult movie stores and high end fashion outlets almost overnight - creating a dynamic ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ approach to retail shopping. This film captures this new wave of entrepreneurs as they set up shop, sharing their story and outlook on life as they pursue their dreams in an unconventional way.

Brought to you by South Australia through the eyes of local filmmakers Josh Fanning, Adam Johnson and Aaron Schuppan. There is a wave of ambitious young publicans within Adelaide, who are determined to do things differently. They're building small bars in the forgotten spaces of the city, with an emphasis on craft, quality and intimacy. Their mantra is customer service, creating an atmosphere of localism -- a feeling of belonging. You're Welcome explores this world from the bar of five venues striving to bring a bit of old-school service back to the hospitality industry. Filmed in Adelaide, South Australia. Featured bars include Clever Little Tailor - Udaberri - Cantina Sociale - Cork Wine Cafe - Grace Emily Hotel - Film credits: Directed and produced by: Joshua Fanning Director of photography: Aaron Schuppan Edit and titles by: Adam Johnson Music by: Jesse Schuppan Audio: Nick Steele

Brought to you by South Australia through the eyes of local filmmakers Adam Johnson, Josh Fanning, Aaron Schuppan and Farrin Forster. Alpha Box & Dice in McLaren Vale is a winery that likes to do things a bit differently and take a few risks. Forget traditional blends, stuffy regionalism and a predictable variety... winemaker Justin Lane's wine breaks convention and takes it into the post-modern era. Alpha Box & Dice is a young, fun, refreshing offering built around the belief that a great atmosphere makes great wine taste even better. This film captures the Alpha Box & Dice spirit at the height of its frivolity -- during a two day pop up food event with the team from Neon Lobster. The young food producers from Adelaide set up a Mexican themed pop up restaurant at the cellar door for a three day party in the lead up to Christmas, with great food, great wine and great company. For more information on Alpha Box & Dice visit: Or, for more information about the McLaren Vale wine region visit: Film credits: Directed & edited by: Adam Johnson Director of photography: Aaron Schuppan Producer: Joshua Fanning Writer: Farrin Foster Audio: Leigh Kenyon Titles: Carlo Jensen Thanks to: The gang at Alpha Box & Dice + Neon Lobster