Made for Wenzhou 48 hr Microfilm Competition WINNER - Best Director WINNER - 2nd place Best Film Director - Jeremy Kelly-Bakker Producer - Zon Shih Written by Jeremy Kelly-Bakker and Tom Philips Director of Photography - Aaron Schuppan Sound Recording/Design - Jeremy Aubert

Listen to the podcast about the insane adventure behind the making of Blank Page here:

Three guys flew to Macau on a moment's notice to make a film with barely any gear, no crew and no idea what they were in for. All they knew was that they would have 48 hrs to script, cast, shoot and deliver a film with the themes of Love, Beautiful Macau and the celebration of 15 years since the return of Macau to mainland China and the continued prosperity and cultural growth for all. Easy right? Sure. This is what we came up with.

Silver Best Picture - Love Beautiful Macau 48 Hour Microfilm International Competition

Shot in Macau simultaneously to Wanderlust.